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I know how it works, you just graduated and want to apply for a license, or maybe you need a new supervisor.   You have found that good supervisors are hard to find, especially in more remote areas.  Take a moment, read more about who I am, how I practice, and my areas of expertise, and then make a well informed decision.  You will find the information below to be helpful.

I am licensed to practice and supervise in the state of Michigan only.  Many supervisors have taken an approved state training for supervision certification and others have completed a Ph.D. with extensive course work in supervision.  I am representative of the latter group.  My experience and course work at Regent University qualify me to supervise those working toward full licensure.

Please note that I do not discriminate against those who I take on as supervisees (race, religion, gender etc.) as outlined by the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics.  However, there are some counseling populations that you may be serving which require a level of specified supervision expertise that I may not have.  In those cases I may not be able to adequately serve you and will do my best to refer you to another supervisor that can provide greater support.  Additionally because I want to give those I supervise adequate time and support, supervision spots may be limited.


If you wish to obtain your full license in two years, you not only need to pass the National Counselor Exam, but you need to obtain 3000 hours of clinical experience and 100 hours of supervision.  Many counselors find math equivalent to a root canal but here you need just over 4 hours of supervision a month to meet your two year goal.

Because I teach in a online Masters of Counseling Program (Colorado Christian University) and have a young family I am more available during the daytime hours with some evenings available. Additionally, depending on how many individuals I am currently supervising I may be offering a three hour group session once a month.  You will want to make sure our schedules line up to some degree as you can only retain one supervisor at a time.


Payments for each session (group or individual) will be expected at the beginning of each session.  In an effort to make sure an account balance does not build I will not start the session until payment has been made.  I do not mean to be difficult but having clear boundaries in this area can avoid awkward situations and strained relationships.

Group Supervision Sessions (1 session – 3 hrs per month): $75 per hour

Individual Supervision Sessions (1 session – 1 hour per month): $100 per hour

Total hours per month: 4

Total Cost per month: $325

*Note that if group supervision is not possible (i.e. inadequate numbers) I will still provide four hours of supervision monthly at the same rate of $325 per month.


Dr. Wichterman

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