Philosophy of Supervision

A student can only learn so much in the practical application of counseling skills while in graduate school. Internship experiences help to move the student from experienced student to novice practitioner.  From the location of practice, to the type of client served, and the style of the supervisor, the first few years of practice shape many aspects of the counselor.  The supervisors roll in this is significant.

It is my goal to help beginning practitioners to meet their professional goals and also to develop personally.  Through supervision I seek to work with and support the supervisee in each and every client situation so that they can competently serve their clients.  Supervision is however more than just a clinical relationship.  The practice of counseling can bring up many triggers for a beginning counselor, so it is my goal to help the whole person.

Because of my desire to serve the whole person, it should not come as a surprise that I implement aspects of Ecological Theory.  In practice I largely use Cognitive Behavioral, Gestalt, Person Centered, Solution Focused, and Ecological techniques which I place on a Biblical foundation.  I do not subscribe to Humanistic Theory, but I find the techniques from these humanistic theories to be useful in practice.  Below is a graphic from the American Psychiatric Association which explains all the different aspects of a person that need considered even in supervision.


If you are in need of supervision, feel that I would be a good fit for you, and live in the general West Michigan area feel free to click this link and I will respond as quickly as I can: Contact Andrew.   For more details on pricing, availability, and supervision formats click here:Licensed Counselor? Need Supervision?

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